your questions answered

“Are the pictures and videos really you?”

I'm a verified provider @ VIPfavours and believe it or not, that is my unedited body. If you don’t believe me, come and find out for yourself. I think you'll like what you see. 

“What’s your schedule like?”

I’m often busy with my professional life, so my schedule is varied and unpredictable. I’d recommend giving me as much notice as possible (a week would be amazing), and I‘ll always try to work my schedule to align with yours. Make sure to follow my twitter as well, I might be hosting at a location near you :)

“Do you accept Gifts?”

Gifts are completely unnecessary, but I’d love any type of gift. I’m super easy going and one of the easiest ways into my heart is chocolate. Ironically enough, I’m a fitness buff, so anything for lululemon would be awesome too, or even something as simple as a visa or amazon gift card.

“Do you have reviews?”

I have a no review policy. I do not believe that a gentlemen should be rating any provider on what happened in a encounterment. I would prefer you send me a nice note through email and/or text message. I ask that you respect my wishes to not be involved in the review boards.

"Do you do exclusive arrangements?”

Yes! But not without knowing you first, we’d need to at least have an introductory visit to make sure we’d be a good fit for each other, and past that we define the terms of the arrangement.

“Do you do overnights or weekends?”

I also am open to overnight visits and mini-vacations, but again I think it’s important for us to get to know each other first. Let’s plan a regular visit, and we can explore a longer and more intimate visit once we know we’re a good fit.

“What do you like to drink?”

Honestly, I’m not much of a drinker. If anything, I’ll have a rum and coke, or if you're feeling adventurous my favourite is spiced rum and root beer.

“What makes you happy?”

I’m a very ambitious woman. I love working for myself and I love what my work involves, but truthfully I’m balancing on lot my end as well. I love being busy, but I also love taking some time to relax. Having an engaging visit with a clean and respectful gentleman is the most rewarding parts of this job for me.

 “Do you do duos? what about couples?”

Lately I have had this urge to explore more with another female so I do in fact have a duo partner or if there is a certain lady in particular you would like to see me with, send a note and we shall see what we can do to make it happen. As for couples, I have never had a chance to experience this, but maybe we can make my first time one to remember.

 “This is my first time doing this, any advice?”

I’m so happy that you found me. I’m sure you’re nervous and hesitant, but don’t worry that’s normal. I would take some to consider why you’re doing this and make sure it’s what you want to do. Read through my website, and once you know for sure, it’s as simple as sending me an e-mail with your information. Past that we’re just two humans talking, so there’s no need to worry! Just make you sure you’re punctual, and that you’re clean and fresh- from there we can wade into the shallow end or dive into the deep en, it's whatever makes you comfortable.

P.S- if you are coming to an incall, don't talk to to the hotel staff. Just be confident and walk to the elevators ;)