While my goal is to best treat you like the gentleman that you are, I need to be clear on how I expect to be treated as a lady.

Privacy & Screening

You and I both have lives outside of our moment together, and I want to make sure that both our lives can continue. Your discretion as a client is one of my top priorities, but as a provider so is my own safety. I handle all of my requests personally and ensure that I do not share this information with anyone else. All request are deleted once our meeting has passed. In order to meet with me, you must provide one of the following methods of screening:

1.      A p411 request & your contact to me e-mail

2.      2 recent references from past providers

3.      A copy of government issued ID

Rates, Payment & Cancellations

 My rates are listed and non-negotiable. I accept only Canadian money when in Canada, and US money when travelling in the USA. I require a travel deposit for all outcalls, and deposits for visits 4 hours & longer.

Other than the deposit, I expect to be paid in full at the very beginning or before a visit starts. I do accept electronic forms of payment (etransfer & paypal) or you can place your paper payment in an unsealed envelope in a visible location for my review.

Being a Gentleman

All play is safe, and this is non-negotiable. I'm looking out for your and my safety, and this is something unacceptable to you, you're likely on the wrong website.

I understand that your time is valuable, but if there is one thing you should take away from this page it’s that mine is too. I prioritize booking with gentleman who are polite and courteous in their outreach, and I typically do not respond to requests that are lack any of the necessary components I need.

When we are together, make sure that you are clean and well-groomed before we meet (I promise you this will make all the difference). If you are curious about any services I provide feel free to ask me beforehand- but know that I do not provide any services that make me feel unsafe or uncomfortable. It’s likely best to ask beforehand to make sure we’re a good fit.

If I do not respond to your inquiry, it’s likely because you failed to provide something I needed from you, or I felt we wouldn’t be a good fit.


I know this page is much less fun than the other ones on this website, but trust me when I say the more respectful you are of these rules, the more fun we can have during our time together